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Saturday, 14 September 2013


The Dusk Duo Series

Book One: The Ghostly Grammar Boy

For a dead guy with unfinished business, he was pretty cute.

Fiona is a completely ordinary fifteen year old from Canberra… at least that’s what she’d like you to think. She doesn’t want anyone to know her secret. She can see and touch ghosts and it’s all thanks to her pesky twin-sister Ella - who happens to be dead.

Following the mysterious death of a boy from the local grammar school, Fiona navigates the perilous high school social hierarchy to investigate. With the help of Ella, Fiona uncovers a dangerous web of family secrets and betrayal, and learns more about the perplexing world of ghosts and boys. High school is hard enough without having to sort out your dead sister’s love life as well…

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Reader Reviews for The Ghostly Grammar Boy

The Ghostly Grammar Boy was awarded a five-star rating from the professional reviewers at Readers Favorite Website.

Book Two: The Deadly School Camp

Hannah was a bully when she was alive… she’s even worse now that she’s a ghost.

Fiona is back. She’s got a hot new boyfriend and the grudging respect of the popular group. She even has a confidante who knows her supernatural secret.

But when school bully Hannah is murdered at year ten camp, Fiona’s life is thrown into turmoil. Fiona has to work with the recently departed Hannah (who still manages to be annoying in the afterlife) to catch the murderer. The problem is, none of the adults will believe her and now the murderer wants her dead as well…

The Sakura Vacancy

This is a romantic suspense novel still in progress, due for completion July 2015. The book is about Hailey, a ditzy Californian girl, who leaves her disastrous love-life behind for a high-flying job in Tokyo. Hailey struggles to settle in, but the trouble really begins when she meets a handsome foreigner with a secret agenda. Keep checking back here for more information and sneak previews.