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Short Stories

Sandra has written a number of short stories in both the adult and children genres. Have a read and feel free to leave your comments!

Short Stories for Children

Bryony's Beautiful Hair

This story was entered in the 10th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition for stories of less than 1000 words aimed at children from seven to ten years old. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!

Short Stories for Adults

She Hadn't Changed at all

This story was entered in the 2012 'The Best of Times' writing competition for humorous stories of less than 2500 words. Have a read and leave your comments! It's now also available as an audiobook on SoundCloud below.

The Busybody of Lindfield

This short story was entered in the 2012 New Writers Competition for short stories of less than 5000 words on any topic. Let me know what you think!

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