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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bryony's Beautiful Hair

Every day Rita scratched me, I stepped on Kat’s toes, and Kat pushed Nicole. The girls in Mrs Farmer’s class would do anything to sit on the floor behind Bryony during show and tell.

Bryony had the best hair of any girl in year three. It was long and thick with a deep black colour that shone like a freshly polished school shoe. It smelt like an ocean breeze and felt like a silky waterfall. Bryony would let us comb it with her sparkly, rainbow coloured comb. The glittering comb would glide smoothly through Bryony’s shimmering knot-free hair.

Mrs Farmer didn’t usually let us do each other’s hair when we were sitting on the floor but she didn’t mind if we were playing with Bryony’s hair. No one could deny Bryony anything. Her hair was too beautiful.

I desperately wanted to have hair like Bryony. People were instantly drawn to her. The first day I’d noticed her hair she’d been wearing a scarf. I wanted to be just like her so the next day I wore a scarf to school too. I wasn’t the only one. Every girl in the class had done the same thing. Scarves weren’t in the school uniform policy but the teachers allowed it since it was beautiful Bryony who had started the trend.

Even my mum wasn’t immune to Bryony’s hair. Every day when I got home from school mum would ask me about my friend with the stunning hair. Mum never talked about my hair.

Strangely, Bryony never actually spoke to anyone. When I’d first noticed her hair I’d tried to ask her about it but she’d just shrugged and shown me her sparkly comb. I’d tried to use the comb on my hair but Bryony made a panicked whinny sound and grabbed it off me before I could use it. However, she didn’t say anything. She did the same thing whenever anyone tried to use her comb.

After that, I became obsessed with using Bryony’s comb. I wanted to see if it made my hair as beautiful as hers. I would comb Bryony’s hair and then when I thought she was distracted, I’d try to comb my own hair. Unfortunately she always managed to whip around and snatch the comb off me before it could touch a single strand of my hair.

That’s why the other day when I was brushing Bryony’s hair I’d purposefully plucked a long strand of hair from her head. She’d jumped and given her trademark whinny sound, but as always, she didn’t say anything. After she’d settled back down, I carefully tied one end of the stray hair to the comb. I continued combing her hair until show and tell was over. Then I gave the comb back to Bryony, making sure that I kept hold of the end of the hair. Luckily the strand was so long that she didn’t notice. She put the comb back in her pocket.

As we stood up to go back to our seats, I gave the hair a strong tug. The comb fell from Bryony’s pocket and swung on the tied hair towards my waiting hands. I quickly slipped the comb into my pocket before anyone noticed.

All day I was petrified that Bryony would realise her comb was missing and tell Mrs Farmer. Finally the school bell rang and I escaped with my stolen treasure.

At home, I stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself. My mousey brown hair was straight and short, nothing like Bryony’s long luscious black locks. I desperately hoped this would work. I tugged off the scarf that I’d worn to school that day and threw it on my bed. Then I went back to the mirror and took a deep breath. Shutting my eyes I ran the comb through my hair.

Suddenly I smelt an ocean breeze, just like the smell of Bryony’s hair. The comb slid through my hair smoothly without catching on any knots, as if my hair was a silky waterfall. I almost opened my eyes in surprise. My hair always had knots. Then I noticed something else. The comb hadn’t reached the end of my hair – it was continuing to slide! Keeping my eyes shut, I ran the comb down as far as it could go. Finally it came free at my knees. My eyes burst open and I stared at myself in the mirror with a gaping mouth.

My mousey short hair had transformed into a golden wave down to my knees. It shimmered and sparkled under the bathroom light. I was beautiful. I could feel my heart beating faster with excitement. I was going to be the most popular girl in the school! I flicked my hair back gracefully over my shoulder…

That’s when I realised. My hair didn’t stop at my head. Long golden hair sprouted from the back of my neck all the way down my back. I could feel it running down the back of my school dress. I pulled my dress over my head and stared at myself in total shock in the mirror. I had a mane of hair all the way down my back. My hair was thick and lustrous, like a horse!

Panicked, I ran to the kitchen to tell my mum. As I ran, I felt the wind on my face, and it felt so good, so liberating. I took long horsey strides. I could run faster than I’d ever imagined and I reached the kitchen in record time. My mum gasped when she saw me arrive with my school dress off and my long golden hair draping over my body, completely covering me.

‘Mum!’ I tried to say, but instead a strange whinny came out ‘Neeeeeigh!’

All at once the truth hit me. I would have to wear a scarf and keep quiet for the rest of my life. I’d become a human-shaped horse.

But at least I had beautiful hair like Bryony.

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